Creating a better world

Another World is possible  was the title of the very first magazine that I had the pleasure of promoting as a new employee of New Internationalist New Zealand (NI). The year was 2002 and whilst the mainstream media were still on the search for Osama, NI took a moment to look forward and envision a different future. Thirteen years later and I am back working for one of the few truly independent magazine/news sources and still believing another world is possible.

In between, I was fortunate enough to spend time living in an eco-community and have endless conversations about...

Slow packaging

Those of you who have purchased from our New Zealand website in the last couple of months may have noticed the packaging was a little different to items you have received from other online retailers.

The brown paper that was wrapped around your cook book wasn’t part of a branding strategy nor was the reused cardboard box it may also have arrived in.  Avoidance of specially padded/post-paid satchels were not part of a cost saving measure either.

 It was because I thought long and hard about what you could use those satchels...