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Another World is possible  was the title of the very first magazine that I had the pleasure of promoting as a new employee of New Internationalist New Zealand (NI). The year was 2002 and whilst the mainstream media were still on the search for Osama, NI took a moment to look forward and envision a different future. Thirteen years later and I am back working for one of the few truly independent magazine/news sources and still believing another world is possible.

In between, I was fortunate enough to spend time living in an eco-community and have endless conversations about how to live a sustainable life.  We talked about the big stuff of reducing our carbon miles through slow travel, off-setting, conscious consumerism and what we could do about the little everyday things that we had grown so used to using, like gardening gloves for example (essential when you have red-back spiders throughout your garden), but didn’t have the skills or time to make your own.

Was it OK to add an exemption to your eco-lifestyle if you didn’t have a choice?

The New Zealand office survives on income it receives from subscriptions to the magazine, donations, and the sale of books and calendars through Trade Aid stores and our NI website. 

For us, our challenge is to find a funding model that does not compromise our freedom to report on injustices, nor require significant rises in subscription prices in order to continue publishing the magazine in New Zealand.

Everyday Fair aims to provide a solution to both these issues. We research, test out and order in products that will help you to continue on your path of sustainability and in return NI receives an income that will help keep our subscriptions as low as possible and allow us to continue publishing.

The new range of household products and gardening gloves are a trial shipment and if successful, we will be able to continue our research into supplying you with the good stuff.  If you have suggestions of products you would like to see, we would love to hear from you!  

The New Zealand office has also entered the digital age and we are pleased to now be able to provide you with access to digital magazine subscriptions.

Another world is still possible, we just have to keep working towards it. Thank you for choosing to be part of the solution.

Carolyn Brown

New Internationalist New Zealand

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