500th Issue! - To mark it we focus on people who are execptionally brave - New Internationalist New Zealand

500th Issue! - To mark it we focus on people who are execptionally brave

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Our 500th Issue - time for courage and change.
It won't last, the young founders of New Internationalist were told 500 issues ago.
'The main problem was that no-one really believed that a magazine on international development was viable,' recalls Peter Adamson, one of those young founders. 'We worked on a leap of faith that there was a large enough potential readership for a magazine like the NI.' 
Well, 44 years on, New Internationalist is still here and tackling the themes of global justice that are as relevant today as they were in 1973. 
It hasn't been a smooth ride. There were many periods when it looked as if New Internationalist wasn't going to make it. At one such point two staff members re-mortgaged their home to keep the presses rolling. But then, at another, worldwide circulation hit more than 80,000.
Apart from an unusually strong focus on marketing and financial planning, what kept the magazine was its mission - to report on 'the people, the ideas, the action for global justice'. Plus the fundamental belief that change is possible.
If there is one quality that sparks change, it's courage. It seems fitting, therefore, that for this 500th issue we are focusing on 'the brave': courageous individuals who are risking life and limb to make a difference. You may not have heard of them - we have purposely sought people who are not all over the mainstream.
Vanessa Baird, Hazel Healy, Dinyar Godrej - this month's editors


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