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Adventurous Vegetarian Cook Book - New Internationalist New Zealand

Adventurous Vegetarian Cook Book

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Thirty countries, thirty sumptuous menus, 100 recipes offering everything you need to give your friends and family a taste of how vegetarians eat all over the world. An inspiration for dinner clubs, themed parties or simply the encouragement to try something new, The Adventurous Vegetarian encompasses both traditional and modern - from African stews and Asian curries to "veggified" and "veganized" classics such as Belgian beer stew or blueberry cheesecake (without the cheese!).

Working with many vegetarian groups and societies, author Jane Hughes has brought together favourite meals and fascinating stories from Ireland to China, Cuba to Palestine, Togo to Australia - 30 countries in all. Each country's menu is introduced by a section about that country's traditional vegetarian meals and interesting information about the history of vegetarianism within that country. There are also personal stories and insights into what it's like to be vegetarian, from those with a rich history such as India, to those where being vegetarian can sometimes be an uphill but immensely satisfying journey.

Recipe pages include full colour photos and ingredient information, with ideas for substituting ingredients where local foods are not available.

Jane Hughes has 20 years' experience of working in publishing, as an editor, production manager and small publisher. She has been associated with The Vegetarian Society in the UK since the 1980s, and has a clear understanding of the meaning of the word "vegetarian" and daily access to experts. She has a website and a blog which contain samples of her work: interviews, food and cookery course reviews, features and recipes. 30 menus from: Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cuba, Denmark, England, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Grenada, Ireland, Israel, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Palestine, Russia, Singapore, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, USA, Vietnam

Sample recipes from the book can be found here

Hardback, 224 pages, 252 x 180mm

Adventurous Vegetarian Cook Book - New Internationalist New Zealand