Paris Climate Summit - NI 487-  November 2015 - New Internationalist New Zealand

Paris Climate Summit - NI 487- November 2015

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A note from the Editors

Heroes, villains and why there is still hope.

When we agreed to guest-edit a magazine on the upcoming Paris climate talks, we felt some trepidation.  We’d been at the Copenhagen summit

in 2009 – one of us inside the conference centre, the other outside withthe protesters – and the bad memories still felt fresh. Grassroots, frontline and Indigenous campaigners thrown out of the talks.

Thousands of activists locked in cages by the Danish police. A final stitch-up non-deal from a handful of polluting governments, and the over-inflated hopes of millions of people brought crashing down. Was it all about to happen again?

But in the course of putting together this magazine, we have spoken to climate-justice activists from all over the world. Much to our surprise, we’re now feeling unexpectedly hopeful. There’s plenty to play for in Paris, and while there are no easy victories to be grabbed, the global climate movement could be about to take a big leap forward.

The story of Paris has only just begun. We’d love to see it through to the end, and bring you voices and perspectives from the talks that the mainstream media will ignore. That’s why we’re launching a crowdfunding appeal to allow us to report from the frontlines in Paris. We’re excited at the prospect of taking New Internationalist into the thick of the action – but we need support from you, our readers, to make it happen. See here for how to donate, and we hope you’ll join us – virtually at least – on the Paris climate rollercoaster...

Jess Worth and Danny Chivers for the New Internationalist co-operative.

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