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ebook: The No Nonsense Guide to Arms Trade

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This book puts the global trade in weapons in the context of history and includes recent controversial deals as well as case studies on Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Darfur. It exposes the cynicism, bribery and insider deals which characterize the conventional trade and the hidden world of torture.

About the Author: Nicholas Gilby led Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)'s efforts to expose the corruption at the heart of Britain's arms deals with Saudi Arabia over the past four decades. In 2008 he defeated Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office in an Information Tribunal to force the disclosure of many documents concerning corruption in Britain's arms deals with Saudi Arabia. His research on arms trade corruption has been extensively featured in The Guardian, TV (BBC Newsnight and Al Jazeera) and in an academic journal. He was previously a director of TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign.

An important book that should be studied in every home, school and university. If all armed disputes in the third world were to cease today, all the economies of prosperous nation would collapse tomorrow. Amazon Customer Review (5 Star)