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eBook: The No Nonsense Guide to Global Surveillance

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In the world of CCTV, email and DNA, this book shows the extent to which Big Brother is watching us all. Spying, once the province of the KGB, CIA and MI5, has become part of everyday life. Governments routinely trawl our emails, CCTV cameras follow us on every street, while state databases of our DNA become larger all the time. The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Surveillance provides a well-researched look into the history of surveillance and how the process is carried out today with the aid of technology and often, lack of express consent.

About the Author: Robin Tudge is a freelance journalist and author who has lived and worked in Chicago, Pyongyang, Moscow, Hanoi and Beijing. Robin Tudge is the author of The Bradt Guide to North Korea and the award-winning Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories.

Format: ePub Publication date: 1 April 2011 ISBN-13: 978-1-78026-027-3