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Ecoforce Sponge Scourers

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Wiping away the spills, drips and stains of everyday life is a necessary chore but it shouldn't cost you the earth.

Every kitchen uses the humble scourer daily and those made from recycled materials are every bit as good as those made from virgin materials. 

Sourced from Traidcraft and made in the UK, these EcoForce are made from recycled foam and fibre. A heavy duty scourer and sponge in one.

Contoured for easy grip

At least 90% Recycled Fibre

What others had to say:

By WizardWarlock on 5 Oct. 2013 - Verified Purchase
Having used normal, supermarket bought sponge scourers for years, I thought I'd try a greener version, hence giving these a whirl.

I wouldn't normally bother writing a review about a humble scourer, but these are quite surprising! They are much longer lasting than any other sponge scourer, of any make that I have ever used. We're still on the first couple of scourers, after a few months, and the scourer part hasn't worn out at all!

They do their job very well and I would recommend them. Not only are they environmentally friendly due to being re-cycled, but they are also proving to have been a very economical purchase.