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Flush Saver - Use less water in the toilet

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Designed and manufactured in Christchurch, the flush saver is made from stainless steel and can reduce the amount of water required to flush your toilet by half (based on the designers calculations).

Given that toilet use is between 25%- 30% of your annual domestic water use and the flushsaver can cut that in half, then you could reduce your water use by 10 - 15% immediately.

The flushsaver has been designed for older toilets in particular and takes less than a minute to install.

Visit http://www.flushsaver.co.nz/compatibility.htm for more details on suitability for your toilet.

EcoAnts- Ants Field is a Christchurch based inventor with a passion to only do work that makes the world a better place. Flushsavers have been saving water in toilets from Auckland to Christchurch and from Eketahuna to Golden Bay for the last 4 years.