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New Internationalist Subscription - New member

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This option is for a new subscription with delivery to an address in New Zealand.

Do you value people ahead of profits? Do you prefer conservation to consumerism?

Do you favour an inclusive society rather than a club for the privileged? Then why not read the monthly magazine that's tailor-made for you?

NI magazine is produced by multi-award winning independent non-profit publisher, New Internationalist. What you find may break some stereotypes of poverty, wealth and justice. More importantly, you'll uncover some inspiring new strategies for change.

What you get: 1-year NI magazine subscription (published 10 times per year) FREE - 3 recent NI issues FREE - bonus wall map of the world worth $14.95

You might also want to consider giving an NI gift subscription to a friend or relative. A perfect present to open someone's eyes to the world, one which gives for a whole year. Plus as a bonus, the giver of the present will receive a three month extension to their subscription as a special thanks from us.

   " What motivated the founders of the New Internationalist magazine was a high idealism; a real sense that we could change things; that if people knew the facts about what was going on, then they could actually have the wherewithal to campaign and try to make the world a better place."
    Troth Wells - one of the founders of the New Internationalist cooperative