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No Nonsense Guide to Global Terrorism

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Political and moral analysis of the causes and contexts of terrorism the world over. In just a few years terrorism and the war against it has become a central theme of political talk and government policy.

This No-Nonsense Guide introduces a highly accessible history of terrorism, looking at core examples from the Middle East and elsewhere, instances of state terrorism, and the terrorist fringes of political movements. It also delves beneath the surface, with political and moral analysis of the causes and contexts of terrorism, the theories that justify and guide terrorist acts, and the battle of images that accompanies them.

In analyzing the dynamics of terrorism, Jonathan Barker scrutinizes the war on terror and its fateful consequences for political participation and real democracy.

About the Author: Jonathan Barker has taught Political Science at the universities of Toronto, Arizona and Dar es Salam. He has researched local politics in Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and India. Other books include Street-Level Democracy and Rural Communities Under Stress.

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