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No Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity

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The treatment of sexual minorities - whether lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, varies significantly in different parts of the world. In some countries equal rights have been achieved and progress is being made against discrimination; in others being gay still incurs the death penalty. This No-Nonsense Guide examines all the colours of the sexual rainbow, unearths hidden histories and looks at contributions from medicine and science.

It includes a unique global survey of laws that affect LGBT people:

           1. Global overview

           2. The revolution's here!

           3. Hidden history

           4. Homophobia

           5. The politics of sexual control

           6. Religion

           7. Science

           8. Transgender

           9. Conclusion

          10. Appendix: A world survey of sexual minorities and the law

About the Author: Vanessa Baird has been co-editor at New Internationalist magazine since 1986. Previous books include, as compiler and editor, Eye to Eye Women.

Paperback: 180 x110mm