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No Nonsense Guide to World Health

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An examination of the state of health worldwide which shows that public health is largely determined by socio-economic factors. A clear yet wide-ranging introduction to the state of health worldwide, exploring the ways in which health provision is often determined by ethnicity, class and gender.

Starting with a brief history of medical progress this guide delves into current politics of health in the contexts of big business and private health provision, media, gender and the environment.

     1. No 'Health for All' by the 21st century

     2. Globalization: the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

     3. The politics of patents

     4. The politics of gender

     5. The emergence of old and new epidemics

     6. Non-communicable 'pandemics': the high price of Big Business

     7. The big fix

About the Author: Shereen Usdin is a medical doctor and a public health specialist. She is co-founder of the internationally acclaimed Soul City for Health and Development Communication in South Africa and works in the areas of development communication, HIV/AIDS, violence against women and human rights.

Paperback: 180 x 110mm