One World Almanac 2019 - New Internationalist New Zealand

One World Almanac 2019

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The perfect companion to the large format calendar, the almanac combines the images from the calendar along with 41 other stunning and definitive photographs from around the world, giving a unique insight into the lives and cultures of others. The triangular, sit-up format allows it to perch neatly on your desk or fold up into its own case, protecting it whilst on the move in your bag.

A week-to-view appointment almanac which also features a Peters' Projection world map, year planner and information on the dates and festivals noted in the diary pages.

An offline back up for when your phone battery is flat or your phone is out of range!

We think you'll enjoy the inspirational quote of the week - it maybe from a film-maker, a poet or a writer, from anywhere on our fascinating planet.  The Almanac also  features a 4 page Year Planner section for the coming year, and even another 3 pages for the year after!

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Printed on FSC paper by a printer holding environmental accreditation ISO 14001. 210 x 110mm