Populism rises again  - NI 501- April 2017 - New Internationalist New Zealand

Populism rises again - NI 501- April 2017

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Populism rises again

A note from the editor

Dinyar Godrej


It’s crunch time! Final chance to join us

On 1 March we pushed the button and held our breath.

We had just launched our Community Share Offer inviting you, our readers and supporters, to buy into a better story and become co-owners of New Internationalist. Despite all the groundwork and detailed planning, we had shot off into uncharted territory.

I can at least reveal that we are breathing again. Your response has been immediate, tremendous and humbling. Within the first few days we reached a quarter of our target. The amazing messages you sent us (see Letters) have made us feel that you know us better than we know ourselves. On behalf of the entire NI co-operative – Thank You and Welcome.

I wish I could tell you we have landed safely – but as I write there is still a way to go. The share offer runs until 6 April at factsandheart.org. Our target of £500,000 is all-or-nothing – if we don’t reach it, we won’t draw down a penny. To invest, go online at factsandheart.org, or call us on +44 (0)1865 413304 (UK)

The coming weeks will be critical. In that time, for want of a working crystal ball, we will be doing our damnedest to reach all the like-minded people we possibly can to make this happen. Please help spread the word.

Many of our new owners have been telling us how, in a landscape of media distortion, fake news and alternative facts, you appreciate what we have to offer. Coincidentally, this wonky landscape is the setting for this month’s Big Story, which examines the frightening rise of right-wing populism. As always, we also consider the possible remedies.

Dinyar Godrej for the New Internationalist co-operative.


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