Sisters and brothers - Three decades of change in an African Village - NI 499- Jan/Feb 2017 - New Internationalist New Zealand

Sisters and brothers - Three decades of change in an African Village - NI 499- Jan/Feb 2017

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Sisters and brothers - Three decades of change in an African village - Chris Brazier, special report.

 Compelled by a news agenda with the attention span of a flea, it is rare enough for journalists to return to stories they have previously covered. But to return to the same African village community every 10 years, as I have since 1985, is more unusual still – especially when there is no ‘news value’ to the story and when the individuals featured are ‘unknown’. I regard this long-term project in Burkina Faso as probably my most significant journalistic achievement in what is now quite a long career – and the New Internationalist’s readiness to publish it perhaps indicates what sets it apart as a magazine.

In 17 pages there is only so much you can show, of course. And for that reason we have made much more use than usual of the extra resources and infinite space that our website affords us. We have created an internet hub that offers many more ‘Then and Now’ photographs than we have been able to include here on the printed page, more detail on particular stories as they developed, as well as a few short video clips. Please do take up our invitation to delve deeper by going to

We’re also pleased to announce that our web documentary on life after Ebola was highly commended at the AIB broadcasting awards last year. You can still catch it here:

Finally, with the March edition under way – our 500th – we are working hard behind the scenes on perhaps our most ambitious plan in 44 years of publishing at New Internationalist – a community share issue that will give you the opportunity to co-own us.

 We’re on the brink of something huge!

 In March our UK publications office will be launching the biggest ever media community share offer and inviting you – our amazing readers – to become our co-owners.

So, what’s a community share offer? It’s when a group of people who believe in something come together to make it happen. You buy community shares, but these are not the same as corporate shares – they’re not driven by profit. You invest in the world you want to live in and in return you become a co-owner of New Internationalist.

This investment, underpinned by a robust business plan, will transform what we do and create an ethical and sustainable media business model for the 21st century.

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